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A significant bottleneck to innovation and discovery—in biology, health care, earth sciences, astronomy and beyond—is research teams’ capacity to transform massive data sets into meaningful insights. Building that capacity demands specialized knowledge in data methods, and building interdisciplinary teams that combine domain-specific and data science expertise.

The DSI provides a hub for UBC researchers who require more than standard analyses to participate in interdisciplinary teams that both push the forefront of data science and accelerate their own research. We offer expertise in assessing, cleaning and integrating data, modelling data, and help in interpreting data. To help UBC researchers tackle major challenges in data-intensive research, the DSI builds a supportive training and mentoring environment for post-doctoral fellows.

List of Funded Projects:

Current Opportunities:

DSI Postdoctoral Fellow Matching Fund

The DSI is providing seed or matched funding for postdoctoral fellowships to help champion early-stage, interdisciplinary data science projects. These high-calibre trainees will be the driving force to acquire preliminary data and results necessary to apply for larger grant and industry funding. The DSI PDF fund will contribute up to $40,000 for one year to selected projects. It is expected that DSI PDFs will spend up to 2 days a week working in the DSI lab and interacting with other fellows. If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact the DSI Scientific Director.

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PHIX-DSI Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Pacific Health Innovation eXchange (PHIX) is a joint initiative by the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI), University of British Columbia (UBC) and VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, working to accelerate health care breakthroughs in British Columbia. PHIX is creating a collaborative ecosystem that will implement new innovations, technology, system change and treatment options. Data analytics is a key area crucial to the success of this mission. As such, PHIX is partnering with the Data Science Institute (DSI) at UBC to support the PHIX-DSI Postdoctoral Fellow Fund. This fund enables teams of VCHRI researchers and data science researchers at UBC to recruit and fund exceptional, young scientists to lead multidisciplinary projects that will drive the development and implementation of new tools for harnessing the potential of large and disparate health data sets. For more details, please contact the DSI Scientific Director.

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