An emerging priority for the DSI is engaging with data-rich problems faced by British Columbia’s life sciences, biotechnology, manufacturing, technology and resource sectors. Housed within UBC’s Faculty of Science, DSI is uniquely situated to build partnerships with various non-profit organizations and companies on data science challenges, and to pursue joint research and development opportunities on data-rich problems.

For example, the growing availability of genomic information is enabling the development of precision medicine, where treatment can be tailored to individuals rather than being based on trends across a population. Effective precision medicine requires not only the modeling and synthesis of vast amounts of data, but also the integration of multiple kinds of data including genetics, genomics, clinical and often imaging data. As another example, the accumulation of massive volumes of social networking data and informal text data, such as blogs, tweets, reviews, has found many applications in marketing, and in political and social sciences.


BC Centre for Disease Control

Boeing Canada

Cascadia Data Alliance

Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative

Provincial Health Services Authority, Data Governance & Analytics

Faculty of Medicine UBC, Department of Medicine

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