Happy National Postdoc Appreciation Week!

At the UBC Data Science Institute, much of the cutting –edge research is led by our talented team of postdoctoral fellows. So during the National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW), we would like to take this timely opportunity to recognize their exceptional work and say thank you for all their fantastic contributions to the research projects and DSI community!

2018 DSI Postdocs:

  1. Dr. Hyeju Jang is a natural language processing (NLP) expert who is working with Drs. Carenini and Ho on applying text analytics to the field of chronic disease management. She was also a mentor in our 2018 Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Program.
  2. Dr. Jean-Sébastien Légaré is an expert in cloud platforms and distributed systems. He is working with Drs. Rieseberg and Warfield on developing a cloud platform for fast, interactive and reproducible analyses of genomic information, especially those relating to plant genomes.
  3. Dr. Sébastien Lallé is applying his expertise in intelligent tutorial systems with the latest machine learning technologies to develop adaptive or personalized interactions for improving students’ engagement and, ultimately, learning in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). This project is sponsored by Dr. Conati and Roll.
  4. Dr. Lisa Tang is applying her background in computer vision, graphical models and optimization to lead a project that seeks to apply deep learning methods to support the identification and prognosis of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). She is working with Drs. Roger Tam and Leonid Sigal.
  5. Dr. Kieran Campbell is an expert in the field of single cell genomics, especially in applying Bayesian models to understand the landscape of gene expression of single cancer cells as they evolve and adapt to chemotherapy. His project is sponsored by Drs. Shah and Bouchard-Côté.

Read more about their projects here.