Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative Summit 2017


The University of British Columbia and Data Science Institute hosted the inaugural Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative (CUAC) Summit on July 13 - 14, 2017. We were honoured to welcome faculty from the University of Washington and student fellows and project leads from the eScience Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program.

On the first day, the DSSG project teams from UW and UBC presented their works-in-progress. Projects from UW included topics such as public transportation, vehicle cruising, equity modeling, and sustainable agriculture in Uganda. The UBC teams presented topics on childhood vulnerability and education, public transportation, economic development, and tourism asset mapping. On day two, faculty and students from UW and UBC participated in a brainstorming session to identify topics for collaborative research at the intersection of urban research and data science (i.e., "urban analytics").

A more detailed report can be found on the CUAC website.

The next CUAC event is scheduled to take place at the University of Washington from September 11 - 12th, 2017.


Day 1 (ICICS/CS Room X836)

  • 12:00  Lunch
  • 13:30  Welcome and Overview: Raymond Ng, Professor, Computer Science; Scientific Director, Data Science Institute, UBC
  • 13:45  Graham Thompson, Seattle Civic Tech Manager, Microsoft
  • 14:15  UBC - BC Tourism Project
    Project lead: Ben Clark, Senior Policy Analyst, BC Government (Tourism Policy)
    DSSG fellows: Raphaël Roman, Halldór Þórhallsson, Hailey Wu, Gary Zhu
  • 14:30  UW - ORCA Transit Project
    Project lead: Mark Hallenbeck, Director, Washington State Transportation Center; Project mentor: Michael Wolf
    DSSG fellows: Mayuree Binjolkar, Daniel Dylewsky, Andrew Ju, Wenhao Zhang
  • 14:45  UBC - Transportation Project
    Project lead: Don Buchanan, Transportation Planner, City of Surrey
    DSSG fellows: Saeid Allahdadian, Lap-tak Chu, Mina Park, William Qi
  • 15:00  Break
  • 15:30  UW - Cruising Project
    Project lead: Stephen Barham, Data Scientist, Seattle Department of Transportation
    DSSG fellows: Brett Bejcek, Anamol Pundle, Orysya Stus, Michael Vlah
  • 15:45  UBC - Economic Development Project
    Project lead: Stephen Wu, Economic Development Manager
    DSSG fellows: Rashed Hoque, Tony Hui, Natasha Mattson, Sarah Neubauer
  • 16:00  UW - Equity Modeler Project
    Project leads: Rachel Berney, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Design and Planning; Gundula Proksch, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
    DSSG fellows: Hillary Dawkins, Jacob Kovacs, Yahui Ma, Jacob Rich
  • 16:15  UBC - Childhood Vulnerability/Education Project
    Project lead: Stacey Rennie, Community and Recreation Services Manager
    DSSG fellows: Patricia Angkiriwang, Elba Gomez Navas Acevedo, Patrick Laflamme, Shenyi Park
  • 16:30  UW - Sustainable Agriculture Project
    Project leads: Matt Cooper, Data Manager, Vital Signs; Tabby Njunge, Technical Operations Manager, Vital Signs
    DSSG fellows: Cara Arizmendi, Mitchell Goist, Krista Jones, Robert Shaffer
  • 16:45  Day 1 Closing Remarks

Day 2 (ESB Room 5104)

  • 8:00  Breakfast (in atrium; ground floor)
  • ​8:30  Welcome and charge for the day: Ideation on joint research projects between UBC and UW
     -Bill Howe, Director, Urbanalytics Studio; Faculty, iSchool; Associate Director, eScience Institute, UW
     -Jonathan Fink, Visiting Professor of Urban Analytics, UBC
  • 8:45  5-minute lightning talks on current research, opportunities for the next year
     -Mark Hallenbeck, Director, Washington State Transportation Center, UW (Transportation)
     -Gundula Proksch, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, UW (Urban equity)
     -Teresa O’Reilly, Manager of System Analytics, Translink Representative
     -Michael Brauer, Professor, School of Population and Public Health; Director, Bridge Program, UBC
     -Kim McGrail, Faculty, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC
  • 9:15  Explaination about breakout sessions
  • 9:20  Break session: want 1-4 project ideas for the coming year
     -Who? Potential collaborators at UBC and UW — who might be interested?
     -What? What assets are available to ensure success? (e.g., datasets, stakeholders, technology?)  What else do you need to make the project successful?
     -Risks, Incentives, unanticipated consequences? (e.g., “we aren’t sure we can convince X to release dataset Y”, “We need more expertise in method Z”, “If we show that X is true, non-profit Y could lose their funding”)
  • 10:20  Break
  • 10:40  Report out and discussion
  • 11:30  Post-it voting for projects with option of adding comments/questions
  • 11:40  Wrap-up and next steps (including action items for promising projects)
  • 12:00  Lunch (in atrium; ground floor)


University of Washington

Vital Signs Project

Matt Cooper, Project Lead
Data Manager, Vital Signs

Krista Jones, DSSG Fellow

Cara Arizmendi, DSSG Fellow

Mitchell Goist, DSSG Fellow

Cruising Project

Stephen Barham, Project Lead
Data Scientist, Seattle Department of Transportation

Michael Vlah, DSSG Fellow

Orysya Stus, DSSG Fellow

Brett Bejcek, DSSG Fellow

Equity Modeling Project

Gundula Proksch, Project Lead
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture

Hillary Dawkins, DSSG Fellow

Jacob Rich, DSSG Fellow

ORCA Data Project

Mark Hallenbeck, Project Lead
Director, Washington State Transportation Center 

Michael Wolf, Project Mentor

Wenhao Zhang, DSSG Fellow

Daniel Dylewsky, DSSG Fellow

Andrew Ju, DSSG Fellow

UW Faculty & Staff

Uba Backonja
Assistant Professor in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, UW Tacoma

Bill Howe
Director, Urbanalytics Studio; Faculty, iSchool; Associate Director, eScience Institute

Emily Keller
Program Manager, Urbanalytics

Kivan Polimis
DSSG Program Coordinator

Sarah Stone
Co-Executive Director, eScience Institute

Anissa Tanweer
Ethnographer, Data Science Studies, eScience Institute

Jan Whittington
Associate Professor, Department of Urban Design and Planning

University of British Columbia

BC Tourism Assets Project

Ben Clark, Project Lead
Senior Policy Analyst, BC Government Tourism Policy

Raphaël Roman, DSSG Fellow

Halldór Þórhallsson, DSSG Fellow

Hailey Wu, DSSG Fellow

Gary Zhu, DSSG Fellow

Surrey Transportation Project

Don Buchanan, Project Lead
Transportation Planner, City of Surrey

Saeid Allahdadian, DSSG Fellow

Lap-tak Chu, DSSG Fellow

Mina Park, DSSG Fellow

William Qi, DSSG Fellow

Economic Development Project

Stephen Wu, Project Lead
Economic Development Manager, City of Surrey

Rashed Hoque, DSSG Fellow

Tony Hui, DSSG Fellow

Natasha Mattson, DSSG Fellow

Sarah Neubauer, DSSG Fellow

Avenues of Change Education Project

Stacey Rennie, Project Lead
Community and Recreation Services Manager, City of Surrey

Patricia Angkiriwang, DSSG Fellow

Elba Gomez Navas Acevedo, DSSG Fellow

Patrick Laflamme, DSSG Fellow

Shenyi Pan, DSSG Fellow

UBC Faculty & Staff

Gail Murphy
Professor, Computer Science; Vice President of Research

Raymond Ng
Professor, Computer Science; Director, Data Science Institute

Jonathan Fink
Visiting Professor of Urban Analytics

Michael Brauer
Professor, School of Population and Public Health; Director, Bridge Program

Kim McGrail
Associate Professor, School of Population and Public Health; Scientific Director, Population Data BC; Faculty, UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research

Stephanie Chang
Professor, Centre for Human Settlements Community and Regional Planning; Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Penny Gurstein
Professor and Director, School of Community and Regional Planning and the Centre for Human Settlements

Nathan Lauster
Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Martino Tran
Assistant Professor, Community and Regional Planning

Margot Young
Professor, Allard School of Law

Leanne Currie
Associate Professor, School of Nursing

James Tansey
Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing, Sauder School of Business

Carolyn Taylor
Data Scientist, ASDa

Karey Shumansky
Data Scientist, ASDa

Kevin Lin
Research Administrator, Data Science Institute

Invited Participants

Kent Foster
University Relations Lead, Microsoft

Graham Thompson
Seattle Civic Tech Manager, Microsoft

R.C. Carter
Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Alexei Robsky
DSSG Mentor, Microsoft (Vancouver)

Yoav Rubin
DSSG Mentor, Microsoft (Vancouver)

Amardeep Tiwana
DSSG Mentor, Microsoft (Vancouver)

Jason Vantomme
DSSG Mentor, Microsoft (Vancouver)

Brian Brooke
Senior Manager, Innovation and Performance, Sound Transit

Teresa O'Reilly
Manager, System Analytics, Translink

Graeme Brown
Senior Transportation Planner, Translink

Kristine Garrucho
Research Analyst, Economic Development, City of Surrey

Katie Mai
Project Assistant, United Way Avenues of Change