2021 Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Project Submission

Program Overview

The Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Program at the University of British Columbia is an interdisciplinary summer research program that brings together data providers and domain experts to work with talented students (i.e., DSSG Fellows) on data-intensive projects that have the potential to benefit society.

For the next iteration of our program, we are seeking project proposals from UBC faculty members, non-profit, or government organizations that have an applied social good component and addresses topics related to public policy, transportation, housing, economic development, environment and sustainability, public health or other areas of social sciences. The scope of work in these proposals could involve statistical analyzes of multiple or complex data sets (e.g., different regions, time series), machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, and tools development to address a problem or challenge for the applicant (i.e., Project Lead).

Selected projects will have access to a team of three to four very talented students to work full-time over fourteen weeks. The Project Lead, or designates, will be actively involved with the project throughout the summer by providing guidance and feedback. In our experiences, we suggest that Project Leads spend at least 1.5 hours each week with the Fellows to achieve the most success. DSSG Fellows will work independently with guidance from the DSI Scientific Director, DSI data scientists or postdocs, and mentors from the local tech industry.

For a review or previous year’s projects and fellows, please visit our website (https://dsi.ubc.ca/data-science-social-good).

For questions about this program and/or questions about this application form and process, please email your queries to dsi.admin@science.ubc.ca.

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We are accepting proposals for our next program cycle in Fall 2021.