Data Science for Social Good External Speaker Series

The DSSG External Speaker series features a range of data science "practioners" in academia, industry or the general public who have a vested interest in leveraging the potential of data to examine a social issue. This series is held on the UBC Point Grey campus and open to everyone who's interested in attending. A roster of upcoming talks is below. Please email the DSSG Administrator for details.

June 20, 2018: Louie Dinh - Quatitative Rhetoric & DSSG

June 25, 2018: Jens von Bergmann - Censusmapper & cansimR

July 6, 2018: Hyeju Jang - Text analytics and NLP

July 20, 2018: Elvin Wyly - Topic: Housing Markets

August 21, 2018: Michael Reid - Privacy-preserving Data Science